Bij la-SIGNA hebben we respect voor het vakmanschap en de creativiteit van de mens, ongeacht achtergrond of geocontext. Wij geloven dat zodra schoonheid geschapen is, deze onbetwistbaar en tijdloos is ... 
Bekijk de achtergrond van sommige van de ontwerpers waarmee we werken bij la-SIGNA.

Angelina Tsvetkova
Angelina’s work is marked by love for the silver fretwork and its delicate texture and diamond brilliance, a combination between softness and roughness. Through the metal, she is inspired by the geometric diversity of the lace and embroidery, and pays tribute to the most significant works of the Bulgarian arts and crafts. In every collection she creates, she looks for something new and different, not losing touch with her previous works.

Snejana Neykova
Snejana is a Bulgarian jewelry artist, working in the field of applied design since 1985. Her favorite material is silver, using various techniques such as gilding, oxidation and enamel. In her jewelry work she loves to combine modern with tradition. Her collections are aimed at people who are looking for something different and unexpected.



Silina Pandelidou
Silina started as graphic designer in Greece, fell in love with the book and paper arts and learned goldsmithing in Italy in her urge to make precious objects. An admirer of nature’s wonders, her designs follow organic forms starting with the amorphous and evolving through seashells, flowers or leaves. She uses silver to create the forms of her jewellery and paper as the environment where she plays with the colours and narrates her stories. 

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